„You must be the change you wish to see in the world.“

Mahatma Gandhi

Our service

When we define the work of futurest, we are talking about our relation to the future. Together with our clients we create the right space for development and place products with clear chances of success. The leading thought behind our company is the alliance of an experience-based, long-term view to the future and a sense for the most creative, efficient and rewarding product development. Our ideas and products are always economically viable. In close cooperation with our clients we generate the most promising business solutions and contribute to shaping the future.

How we work


When we delve into the future to find a market or technology trend, we use a suitable combination of reasonable assumption of what will happen and the creative power to realise what should happen. In order to define the right requirements that match the real needs of the user, our major focus is on the user perspective. Here at futurest we analyse trends and what drives them. We outline a detailed map of the movements within a business sector. This enables our clients to define their current situation and forms the unique base for creating great products and services in future scenarios.


After analysing a trend, we design a vision together with the indispensable knowledge of our clients. We want our clients to become concept creators of the future, which is why we create a strategy that is a response to the particular trend. Our experience enables us to assemble clear thoughts and creative ideas into a strategy that can handle future development.


To guarantee the highest level of quality, we identify improvement opportunities with our fast and effective ideas process. This is why we trust in prototyping and testing our visions. The prototyping process allows us to eliminate any possible uncertainties long before the rollout.


Working out a detailed map of the relevant trends enables us to define a reliable roadmap for implementing the new product. This is the most challenging and therefore most sophisticated part of our task: turning concepts into business. We seek products that live up to future predictions while meeting the needs of our clients at the same time. By including user centric design and prototyping in the process, we manage to achieve outstanding results.

Our work

Over the last few decades our experiences have developed into tried-and-tested methods. Our expert knowledge has its roots in telecommunications, energy, the automotive industry, media and ‘bricks and mortar’ retail. We have access to a toolbox of approaches which we can open for our clients. Knowing that every future will be unique, we create a procreative atmosphere to ensure maximum success. We always try to be suitably unconventional.

Among the customers of futurest are companies such as Deutsche Telekom AG, large organizations such as the European Union, associations such as Radiozentrale and other media companies i.e. WDR Mediagruppe.

If you wish to find out about our approaches and references in more detail, please have a look at our blog.

Photo: Deutsche Telekom, T-Gallery. Support at the realization.

About us


Manuel Kreutz and Babak Zeini are the brains behind futurest. Since 1999 they have been developing leading ideas and strategies. futurest has a history, like every future. In 2007 Babak Zeini founded FORCE Innovations. Six years later, in July 2013, FORCE Innovations was repositioned with a new vision. The result: the cutting-edge futurest company, which is a member of the Kreutz & Partner group.

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